Embedded Qt Lisp
ECL embedded Qt binding (LGPL licensed), embeddable in Qt

      •  interactive development (Slime / top-level with a running Qt event loop)
      •  cross-platform (tested: Linux, OSX, Windows)
no external dependencies (Lisp/C++ libraries/parsers)
      •  overriding virtual Qt functions
      •  unicode
      •  translations (Qt Linguist)
      •  loading UI files
(Qt Designer), optionally converting x.ui to x.lisp
      •  simple encapsulation in Lisp classes
      •  easily embeddable in existing Qt/C++ projects
      •  experimental: usable from any CL + CFFI (through a local server)

git clone git://gitorious.org/eql/eql.git
Contact: gmail, polos.ruetz
EQL version: please visit eql.cpp:10

last updated 2012-11-30

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